Art Two Final Portfolio

1. I think that my most successful project was the scientific project. We had to incorporate a scientific object into our art. I chose a light bulb and put it in a forest. The colors inside of the light bulb were inverted from the rest of the forest. The trees inside of it were darker and the sky and grass were lighter. I had to perfect the placement of the branches then shade them, add the background and draw the grass. The technique that I used the most in this project was shading and watching the pressure of my pencil as carefully as I could. I think that the choices that I made regarding material, size, and technique benefited my project. I think that the size was perfect and the pencil was the material that would've made it the best. I think that if I used any other material and drew the same thing it wouldn't be as good because it was the most useful for shading.

2. One project that I felt least successful in was the sticky situation project. I feel this way because the idea that I had in my head was a lot better and more original then what it came out to be. I had a lot of trouble with the colors in the painting and the paint kept smudging. I've only really painted once before. The techniques that we had to use were all very new to me. If I could do something different to change this, I would think about how I would place things and use my colors more carefully. If I could, I would've done this same project with another material because I don't think that painting was the best for this idea. The idea I had in my head would've probably been best with mixed media.

3. The two pieces that show my growth over the semester are the scientific and the up close and personal projects. I think these projects are two of the best that I've done in both of my art classes combined. The scientific project was done in the beginning of the year and I was really shocked with how it came out. I had a lot of trouble before this project with shading but somehow I managed to come up with it. This shows that I've gotten better with technique and skill linked to pencils, creating value, and the ability to put my exact ideas from my head onto paper as precise as I can get them to be. The up close and personal project was probably the most detailed and time consuming and aggravating drawing I've ever done. Drawing every hair was a lot harder then I thought it would be and I slacked off in a few places but in the end I think that my work payed off. This project has taught me that detail can make a piece of art 10x better.

4. Two mini lessons that I think were most beneficial to the particular project were the watercolor techniques and the watercolor fruit drawings. These lessons helped me understand watercolor and the things I could do with it a lot better. I learned a lot that I didn't know before. Even though I ended up using acrylic paint for the project instead, I learned that you can use lots of different materials to get different affects from the paint. I would've never guessed that you could use salt and wrap with the paint. Some of the materials that we used to put an effect on the watercolor I used with acrylic paint too. I used wrap on the clouds in my sticky situation project but painted over them so you can't really see it. However, next time I work with watercolor, I'll definitely be able to add more to it with what I learned in the lessons.

5. My favorite material to work with were the prisma colors. I like the prisma colors because you can blend and get more vibrant colors then with regular colored pencils. You can layer them and make you drawing much more realistic. I also like how it requires you to pay attention and think about what you're going to do before you do it. If you don't think about what's gonna happen, you can easily mess up. One of the things I don't like is how little color choices there are. I wish that we had learned how to somehow use the colors we have to make more because I felt like I was very limited in my drawings color-wise. But regardless of that, I think that the prisma colors were the best material that we used to draw with.

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