Art Two

Scientific Project
During this project I learned how to control the pressure that I put on my pencil better than I had before. Before I did this project I had a hard time with shading but after this I think that I got a lot better. I gained a lot of skill with the different types of pencils. When I first started shading in the background, my pressure was not even so I had to go over it and make it darker. My work took a few unexpected turns when I realized that my branches were placed the wrong way so I ended up adding a few and taking a few away in a few places but I don't think that it affected my project negatively. I wasn't sure that the knot in the front left tree was going to work because I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to draw it accurately but in the end I think it turned out good. I chose to concentrate on shading with dark shadows and light highlights because I thought that it was something that I needed to work on, so before I started it wasn't very familiar to me.

Up Close and Personal Project

In this project I learned how to draw animal fur and make it look realistic. I gained skill with prismacolor colored pencils and I think that since I re-did this drawing three times I ended up learning a lot. I wasn't sure about how it would turn out because at first I didn't think it was going to look very good because I couldn't find a steady way to do the fur and I didn't have as much patience as I thought I would. I picked prismacolor pencils because I was somewhat familiar with them and I liked to use them. I responded to one of my challenges by transferring my sketch onto my final paper using tracing paper and pastel pencils because I had trouble drawing it again. 

Can Drawing
I had a hard time with the can drawing because I think that I tried to use the pastel like a pencil instead of a pastel. I had trouble avoidng smudging it with the side of my hand and there were parts that I smudged that I couldn't fix very well. I also had trouble blending in the black and the white for highlights and shadows, but I think that overall it came out looking decent.

 Lollipop Drawing
I had a really hard time with the lollipop drawing because I found it really hard to find a way to draw and shade the folds accurately, and it was even more difficult to blend in the colors with the colored pencils. I don't think that this drawing taught me a lot but I think that I did do a good job with the highlights.

Two Candies

I think that I was most successful drawing the blue candy in the colored pencil. The pastel version of that drawing got messy and I don't think that I was able to put as much detail in it as I could with the pencil. I think that I did a good job with the highlights on all of the candies especially the pencil and the jolly rancher. 

Sticky Situation

During this project I learned new painting techniques that I didn't know before, like how to blend two colors together in the middle. I gained skills with watercolors and acrylic paint. This artwork is intended to say or show that the boat in the middle of the ocean is in a sticky situation because there is no land in sight and it is surrounded by sharks, so everyone that might be in it is in trouble. I am not examining any issues through my artwork. This artwork is about what I like because I love the ocean and riding boats, and I also like sea animals (not particularly vicious sharks). I responded to the challenges that occured as I worked by working around them and incorporating them into my painting. If I messed up on the water I would just paint over it or change the rest of the water to look like it. I took an unexpected turn with the clouds because they were darker than the sky and if I made them any lighter they wouldn't show up, so I had to do paint and possiton them differently then what I had planned.

Mixed Media Project
My mixed media project is a man conquering his fears. He is shooting them and they are burning. The only issue in my art is the fear. My project is about who I am because I incorporated a lot of the things that I don't like or am afraid of. I used my own ideas by using my own fears and themes, but there wasn't a specific thing that inspired me. I learned how to use gel medium to glue tissue paper and pictures to my project, and even though I didn't gain skills with any familiar materials I realized that you can use a lot of things for art that you might overlook, because when I started doing my project I would go home and see things and think to myself that I could use it for my project, but if I wasn't thinking about it I would've just thought of it as a random object.

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